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Whether you are upgrading your Koi pond filtering equipment or planning your first pond, be sure to include a U.V. Light sterilizer in your filtering system!

U.V. Brands

Emperor Aquatics is our choice for ultraviolet sterilization. 

Emperor Aquatics offers top quality products, customer service, and they are constantly improving their products and advancing their technology. They are experts in the U.V. light industry. They continue to back up their products with substantiated information and support. Their products are used in many city aquariums, including Sea World, which requires the best technology available to maintain the finest aquariums of aquatic life. With the many new U.V. light products introduced into the market over the recent years, Emperor Aquatics remains our choice for value, dependability and customer satisfaction.

U.V. Light Importance 

U.V. lights perform two very important functions.

  • Kills the DNA of waterborne green algae - (Keeping water clear)
  • Sterilizes and kills many types of bad bacteria - (Healthier fish)   

Cutting corners on filtering equipment may cost you a larger investment later on when you loose some or all of your Koi fish. Clearly, money and frustration are saved when you install quality equipment right the first time, even it if costs a little more to buy the best.

Not all U.V. Lights are equal. 

Examine the picture below and compare the top U.V. Light (Emperor Aquatic), to the other brand U.V. lights. Notice which U.V. light permits the water flow to pass  over 100% of ultraviolet light bulb when the water travels from the intake to the outlet. This demonstrates that the Emperor Aquatic chamber is properly designed to treat all the water as it passes through. Other brands do not.

U.V. Light Installation and Flow Rates 

Installing the right U.V. Light is critical to your pond. Installing a unit that is too small will be unable to keep up with fluctuations in Algae blooms during warming periods.

A ponds total gallons is the first indicator for determining the right size U.V. Light.

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U.V. Light installation should be done in such a manor that you are able to adequately control the flow to achieve maximum benefits and performance. 

Using a flow meter with some simple valves can help. Or spend more money on a unit that is large enough to handle the rate of flow through your return line to the pond. Examine the diagram below and see how using a reducer valve will create some back pressure so water flow will pass through the flow meter and U.V. Light. Adjusting the valve will permit increasing or decreasing the water flow rate as needed. It's really amazing to see U.V. Lights installed on pond filtering systems and there is no way of knowing what the flow rate is. Too fast of flow and the light does not have adequate time to treat the water.

Turning the reducer valve creates back pressure which forces water to flow down through the lower pipe with the flow meter attached to measure the exact amount of water flowing into and through the Emperor Aquatic U.V. light.

U.V. Lights should be installed vertical as displayed in the diagram to the left or with the water ports facing up as seen below.


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SkagiTek Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for EMPEROR AQUATICS

Pond filtering is improved by installing a U.V. Light filter! 

Adding a U.V. Light Filter behind the filtering system will result in cleared water while performing sterilization! While it does not kill the Algae growing on the ponds sides, it does kill the DNA cells of the Algae floating through the water. Also known as waterborne Algae. This floating Algae depletes the oxygen levels in the water that is vital to the fish and the lively hood of beneficial bacteria that thrive better with higher levels of oxygen content in the water. So it is simple to see that it is important to kill off the green water for Koi pond keepers.

Sterilization of bad bacteria and Protozoa are also important to Koi pond keepers. Koi fish can easily be stressed and become vulnerable to bacteria. All the more reason to be running a U.V. Light twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, year round.

Pond Supplies!

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