For Mike Approx 18,000+ gallon pond
Use of 3-way valves to control the flow from skimmer and bottom drains. This also permits shutting down bottom drains during cold winters. Warmer water settles to the bottom.

Collector box to be 3 port, as needed for 3 bottom drains, not the 4 port...

Equipment Layout

The two pumps are PerformancePro's Dial-A-Flow Artesian. They require individual circuits for each pump. The UV and the blower can share a different 115v circuit.


The Pumps will deliver more flow then the filter should have. Note the 3-way valves located after each pump. This permits extra water to return to either the water feature, below surface returns or jets. This 3-way valve also allows the user to adjust for the ideal flow rate through the filters. Adjust the flow so that the flow meter reads 80 gpm (4800 gph)

(Not shown in the diagram are the check valves that are included with the filters. They are to be installed between the pump and the filter. Prior to the 3-way valve after the pump.)

SkagiTek Inc.


Bill Putnam


Diagram of pond size & placement of bottom drains

Scale is marked in 3 foot increments across center

 30'L x 18"W

Est. 18,000 gallons (est. 5' Average depth) Est. 19,900 gallons (est. 5.5' Average D)

Jets then get placed pointing water away from the waterfall forcing water to flow around the edges towards the skimmer. 1 jet to be located in between the skimmers. 

Slope the bottom from ridges that form the measuring cross in the diagram. The ridges and sides are to slope towards the bottom drains. Center bottom drain to be 6 deep. Edges are at 4-5 feet. Side bottom drain at 5 feet. 

More details to added ...